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Episode 11: John Brookins

From journalist Maggie Freleng and the Obsessed Network

On December 20th, 1990 26-year-old John Brookins went to his friend Sheila Ginsberg's house to help her clean. Sheila was an older woman, 58, and actually the mother of his on and off again girlfriend Sharon. When John arrived he says he found Sharon standing over her mother's dead body, stomping scissors into her chest. The crime scene was brutal. Sharon fled and then John, a young black man standing over a dead white woman, panicked and also fled the scene. Months later he was convicted for the murder of Sheila Ginsburg, based on Sharon's statements. But multiple people came forward saying Sharon actually confessed to the murder and was known to have a violent history with her. The case is also riddled with police misconduct, ineffective council, and DNA that still needs to be tested.

To learn more about the case and how you can help, visit:

To write to John:

Smart communications/PADOC

SCI Phoenix

John Brookins BW7444

PO Box 33028

St Petersburg, FL 33733



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