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Episode 12: Nikki Zinger

From journalist Maggie Freleng and the Obsessed Network

On March 10, 1991 Nikki Zinger's mother Linda Holley was found dead in her Magnolia, AR, home. The crime was brutal. She was stabbed 12 times, bludgeoned and left for dead. A month went by with no arrests, and then out of the blue 28-year-old Nikki and her boyfriend 24-year-old Daniel Rischer were arrested and convicted for her mother's murder. The prosecution said the motive was Linda's $90,000 life insurance policy. However, decades later new DNA evidence busts holes in the prosecution's theory. And circumstantial evidence is brought into question. It also turns out there was a similar murder that happened five days after Linda's that could point to the real killer.

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Nikki Zinger 704283

McPherson Unit

302 Corrections Drive

Newport, Arkansas 72112

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Photo Shown to Jury vs Photo Withheld from Jury


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