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Episode 14: Temujin Kensu

From journalist Maggie Freleng and the Obsessed Network

On the morning of November 5 1986, 21-year-old Scott Macklem, a student at St. Clair Community College, was gunned down near his car in the school parking lot. Almost immediately, Temujin Kensu was homed in on as a suspect. The victim's fiancé had dated Kensu months earlier. An eyewitness also identified Kensu, who was tried and convicted of first degree murder.

However, Kensu has at least 10 witnesses stating that he was 450 miles away from the murder when it took place and there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime. He was convicted through a hypnotized witness, a jailhouse informant and an unsubstantiated plane flight theory. ​Since his conviction, a retired officer from the same department that helped convict him has now joined his team as a PI and says the more he digs into this case, the more red flags he sees.

UPDATE: Governor Whitmer had the option to grant relief to Temujin in the form of clemency including commutation of his sentence, but unfortunately her team of legal advisors took the cowardly way out punting this out o ftheir office over to the AG's office which could take months. Please call Governor Whitmer's team and ask that they take his request back to the Governor and #FreeTemujin!

Proving Innocence Press Release: Innocent Man Denied Clmency

Media Release # 11 (1)
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To write to Temujin:

Temujin Kensu 189355

Macomb Correctional Facility

34625 26 Mile Road

Lenox Township, MI 48048


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