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Episode 15: Diamantina Salinas Kolojaco

From journalist Maggie Freleng and the Obsessed Network

In the early morning hours of June 13, 1998, 36-year-old Darryl Kolojaco was found beaten to death inside his Houston home. His wife Diamantina and her lover Andres Mascorro were arrested and convicted for the murder. Almost exactly a year later, one of the most prolific serial killers no one has heard of was arrested. Angel Resendez, or the Railroad Killer, is suspected in as many as 23 murders across the US. While being interviewed by journalist Alex Hanaford about his killings, Resendez wound up confessing to Hanaford about a number of unsolved cases - one of which the man’s wife is doing time for. Resendez actually wrote to Diamantina telling her he murdered her husband. Resendez was executed in 2006, but Hanaford and Jason Baldwin’s (WM3) organization Proclaim Justice are fighting to prove that it wasn’t Diamantina all along - but a delusional serial killer murdering people in the name of his lord.

If you want to help Proclaim Justice with Diamantina & Andres, visit:

To hear more about Angel Resendiz, visit Alex Hannaford's podcast Huddled Masses, Season 1: "Dead Man Talking".

To write to Diamantina:

Diamantina Salinas Kolojaco 00881329

William P. Hobby Unit

742 FM 712

Marlin, TX 76661-4685



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