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Episode 3: Jamie Snow

From journalist Maggie Freleng and the Obsessed Network

March 31, 1991 Easter Sunday. 18-year-old Bill Little was shot dead while working at the Clark Gas Station in Bloomington, Illinois. Almost a decade later, despite no physical evidence, a solid alibi, and passing a lie detector test, Jamie Snow was arrested and convicted of the murder of Bll Little. Jamie was sentenced to life without parole and has been in prison for almost 20 years. But recent investigations have shown that the witness testimony, the only evidence used to convict Jamie, was coerced. And new leads turn up suspects who could be the real killer.

To learn more about the case and how you can help, visit:

To write to Jamie Snow:

Stateville Correctional Center

James Snow N50072

P.O. Box 112

Joliet, IL 60434




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