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Episode 4: Rosa Jimenez

From journalist Maggie Freleng and the Obsessed Network

Photo by Jana Birchum

In 2005 Rosa Jimenez was sentenced to life for the murder of a three-year-old child in her care. Twenty-year-old Rosa was babysitting twenty-one-month-old Bryan Gutierrez at her house when he came into the kitchen choking. Bryan was choking on a paper towel and at Rosa’s trial experts said it was impossible for him to get it lodged in there himself. A re-trial for Rosa has been granted, but the process will take months or years and she has developed stage four kidney disease and is starting dialysis this month. The DA can release her now but they won’t. Rosa has been in prison for seventeen years.

To learn more about the case and how you can help, visit:

If you'd like to reach out to Rosa, you can write to her at:

Rosa E. Jimenez 1326763

Mountain View Unit

2305 Ransom Rd.

Gatesville, TX 76528

"Ma Vida Dentro" documentary highlights the case of Rosa Jimenez. Watch the trailer below and find the full documentary here.



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